Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2nd Glamour Doll Eyes package - only one to go, and drugstore sale haul :-D - pic heavy ♥

Hello Ladies!

today has been a good day for me! My local rexall drugstore is having a sale on alot of cosmetics - i picked up a few things the other day - the photoready foundation, and a pink rimmel polish! But I went back today, I couldn't help myself I got quite the pile of stuff

Also , my second Glamour Doll Eyes package came, just waiting for one more :-) I accidentally ordered two of the same color - one in the tower and a full size (fabulous) which means my sister is in luck :-P

On to the pictures, and prices!! :-D

I will name the polishes and prices in the second picture ♥
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in classic Ivory - 50% off $6.49 (my photoready was only $9.49 :-D)
Maybelline Falsies Mascara - Very black - $1.00 off- $8.99
 Rimmel Kiss & Stay Lipgloss (swatches below) - $2.99 each
Rimmel Kohl Pencil - $2.99

NYC Polishes Greenwich Village, & East Village - Buy 1 get 1 free $1.15 each -cant swatch them though, I am putting them in my daughters stocking :-D
Sally Hansen  Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Polish - Rockstar Pink - 30% off - I love this polish I cannot begin to describe its awesomeness!! ♥
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - Burgundy Flirt - $2.99

Rimmel Kiss and Stay Lipgloss in English Rose
Rimmel Kiss and Stay Lipgloss in  Lustrous Nude
Rimmel Kiss and Stay Lipgloss in Dream On

I really like these colors they are pretty - and they last a long time, but they are so sticky and goopy its really nasty. But i will survive because they had so many nice colors! :-) Although you do not want to be kissing - like the name suggests ♥

  Nicely packaged up with business cards and a cute sticker, which i put on my makeup storage box

 Love Affair - Just Dance - Fabulous ♥

Just Dance Swatched Wet over primer, then swatched dry over primer, Love Affair swatched wet over primer, and then dry over primer - the lighting was being weird and these pics don't do them justice i love these two colors. I didn't swatch Fabulous because I swatched it in my last blog post!

So here is my haul - let me know if there is anything you want more pics/reviews of !! :-D


  1. The GDE colors look awesome! And great drugstore haul! The Sally Hansen polish looks awesome!

  2. Great haul! ;)
    I always wanted to try those Rimmel's lipglosses but I don't like sticky ones :/ Too bad because English Rose is so pretty!

  3. @ Peach - the polish is awesome, I think im going to add one to my giveaway just because I love it that much

    @ Noir, yes I was sadly disappointed with the lip glosses, because I love English rose too!! Ohh well for 2.99 you cant really go wrong :-)

  4. Guess what Alicia?? you were right! GDE were sold out of the towers!!! Boooo!!! LOL so now im gonna have to wait till they put back the e/s cuz i guess there just getting rid of the old labled ones then there gonna add them back or something like that...anyways luv your haul! =)

  5. aww Im sorry that happened, yes they are putting all the shadows back i think she said by the second week of December she hopes! I know there is a couple ive seen that I want to scoop up! :-)

    and thanks ♥

  6. Falsies is good stuff, you have a nice haul here! :D I really wanted to order from GDE because I want their Trophy Wife shadow so bad... but when I went to order, they were sold out. :(

  7. thanks! :-) I think they are putting all of their stock back on the site in the second week of December so keep checking :-)

  8. Thats cool
    I tried Rimmel and it real good
    love the eyeshadow the colour look great