Wednesday, November 24, 2010

50+ Followers Giveaway ♥

To say thank you to all of my amazing followers - who put up with my craziness  I want to do a giveaway. I wanted to have some products that aren't products that you can find in any drugstore so I decided to do a Fyrinnae Giveaway -

The Goodies -

Your choice of two full sized eyeshadows
one full sized lip lustre
one glow blush
pixie epoxy
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Sally Hansen Rock star Pink Polish
Heavenly Naturals Glitter Eyeliner in Beyond Glitz & Glimmer (black with silver glitter)

The Rules -

- The Giveaway ends on Dec 10th 2010 at midnight
- This is open to any followers, that follow publicly
- The winner will be chosen using
- To enter - comment saying Enter me along with your e-mail and blog link (if you have one) Browse the site at and tell me which shadows, lip lustres, and blush you'd like.
- For one extra entry put this giveaway in your sidebar or blog about it - don't forget to leave me the link so I can check it out ♥

Once again here is the site - 

I will probably add things as time goes on :-)

Thanks for looking, and good luck! 
And thank you for following me ♥


  1. Hey there! I'll be the first to go, I think...
    So Enter me! :P
    I'd pick the following:
    lip lustre - Meloncholy
    glow blush - Hypnotize
    eyeshadows - Dragonmagic and Digital Faerie Loose Eye Shadow

    mail: plohotnuke[at]yahoo[dot]com

  2. Thank you for this giveaway! ♥
    Lip lustre: Bloodstains
    Glow blush: Bewitching
    Eye shadows: Fyre & Ice and Freya

    My e-mail is:
    And I put a link to this giveaway in my sidebar, of course ;)

  3. Oh la la I am loving the items!So many to choose

    I Would Pick:
    Glow blush:Seduce
    Lip Lustre: Okinawa Beauty
    Eyeshadow: Delvain Loose Eyeshadow and Dokkalfar Loose Eyeshadow

    My email is
    My blog:

    I put the link to this giveaway in my sidebar as well...Enter me please!:)

  4. Yay, Fyrinnae is the best :D

    Eyeshadow: Freya and Sakura (Japanese names, ftw)
    Glow Blush: Charm
    Lip lustre: Sugar Coated Revenge (been dying to try this)

    E-mail is :)

  5. Hello :) thanks for your giveaway, enter me please <3

    I'm following you on GFC as Jennifer.
    jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com (I use a different Gmail account to follow you though! I'm the one with the Barbie display pic on GFC)

    I'd love to try:
    Glow blush: Seduce
    Lip luster: Meloncholy
    eyeshadows: Sugar skulls, Rapunzel Had Extensions

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

    thanks and please feel free to enter my giveaway too :D

  6. Great giveaway! I won't enter, to give others a chance and because I have TONS of Fyrinnae. Good luck everyone!

  7. Yaya, Sissy - enter me ! Durr, i love giveaways =]
    Eyeshadows: Dark Magik, Gilded Wings
    Lip Luster: Lolipop
    Glow Blush: Enrapture

    and i'll do a blogg =]


  8. Enter me please!
    I am a public follower through GFC.
    I posted your giveaway on my blog sidebar. My blog's link is:
    My email is:

    If I win, I'd choose:
    Eye Shadow: Srtip Poker & Dark Magik
    Lip Lustre: Meloncholy
    Glow Blush: Bewitching

  9. enter me please!! i love giveaways but never win ;< xoxo :)
    Eyeshadows: equality & freya
    Lip Lustre: Ryo-Pink
    Glow blush: Mesmerize

  10. Enter me! :)

    I would choose:
    1. Eye Shadow: Blue Whale and Koala
    2. Lip Lustre: Ryo-Pinko
    3. Glow Blush: Bewitching

    Blog about this giveaway here.

  11. Oh sweet awesome giveaway Alicia ive been wanting to try out there stuff!

    Please enter me!!
    I follow your blog

    I would choose the following:

    Eyeshadow - Blue Whale & Strip Poke
    Lip Lustre - Ryo-Pinko
    Glow Blush - Enrapture

    I blogged and put a side link about your giveaway!

    Good luck to everyone! =)

  12. Wow such a generous giveaway! Congrats on 50 followers!
    Please enter me, i follow your blog :)

    My favourites are:
    Lip Lustre: Meloncholy
    Eyeshadows: Catrina Cabaret Loose Eye Shadow & Hypercool Loose Eye Shadow
    Glow Blush: Enrapture

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  13. Enter me please!!!
    Trickster -lip lusture
    Sumatran tiger and rapunzel had extensions - eyeshadow
    Enchant -glow blush



    Please enter me xxx

  14. Enter Me
    Email- akayredz(at)gmail(dot)com
    Blog Posted-
    Eyeshadow- Cheetah Loose Eye Shadow, Kamikaze Loose Eye Shadow
    Lip Lustre- Fanservice
    Glow Blush: Mystify

  15. Thank you for this giveaway :) pls enter me, my email is

    Lip lustre: Okinawa Beauty
    Glow Blush: Hypnotize
    Eyeshadows: Bastet and Dress to Kill


  16. Hi,
    Enter me ,please!
    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
    I like :
    -Shadows :Fyre&Ice and Digital Faerie Loose
    -Lip Lustres : Ryo-Pinko
    -Blush : Enrapture
    nice giveaway ,thank you

  17. Great giveaway, please enter me :)

    I like:
    Lip Lustre: Very Berry Happy
    Bali Mynah Loose Eye Shadow & Ashes Loose Eye Shadow
    Glow Blush: Charm

    I follow via GFC

    I'll put it on my sidebar


  18. Hehe enter me please :)
    If I were to choose, I would choose Eyeshadows in Damn Paladins and Snow Leopard, Lip Lustre in Ryo-Pinko and Glow Blush in Hypnotize. I follow you through Google Connect!

    jo.tee35 AT gmail DOT com

  19. Hey Honey! What an amazing Giveaway! Congrats on the 50 followers :)

    I would LOVE:
    Lip Lustre: Very Berry Happy
    Eye Shadow 1: Wake Loose Eye Shadow
    Eye Shadow 2: Crimson Ghost Loose Eye Shadow
    Glow Blush: Hypnotize

    My email address is:

    My blog (with your Giveaway linked in my sidebar)is:

    Thank you! xxx

  20. Hi there !
    I am already follower trough google friend connecter name liz. I would like to merry this gorgeous giveaway ! :)

    I would love :
    Looking Glass Loose Eye Shadow
    Lip Lustre: Shangri-La
    Glow Blush: Hypnotize

    I spread your giveaway in my blog here

    Good luck for me and everyone :)


  21. Hi ,
    I am new follower shaimaa
    Enter me , Please !

    shadows : Arcane Magic(Pyromantic Erotica) and Hypercool Loose Eye Shadow

    lip lustres : Lollipop-Pop
    blush : Glow Blush( Enchant)

    Thanks so much

  22. Hmmm delicious items up for grabs :D Enter me please! I am a new follower tho ^_^. Added it on my sidebar and wrote something short on my blog. :)

    Eyeshadow: Tapir Loose Eye Shadow, Red Panda Loose Eye Shadow
    Lip lustre: Devil horns
    Glow blush: Intrigue

    Thanks for the opportunity!



  23. hey......please enter me..i find fyrannie products really cool! n i so wanna win! a big thank you for this giveawy m a n intro to fyrannie products
    n i do like ur eye makeup tutorials..i kinda find it easier than other blogs...easy to follow!

    following u through GFc, gfc ID : bizzarre girl

    email id :

    posted your giveaway in my sidebar
    pls have a look

    ok my choices

    eyshadow : 1)Forbidden Lover Loose Eye Shadow
    2)Eternal Innocence Loose Eye Shadow

    Lip Lustre: Meloncholy

    Glow Blush: Hypnotize

    thanks agn!

  24. Hi, I am a follower enter me please.
    It is so nice of you to give the winner colors of her own choice if I win I would love to have these:
    Lip lustre: sugar coated revenge
    Glow blush: charm
    Eye shadows: 1)Druid werewolf loose eye shadow
    2) Te amo loose eye shadow
    My email:
    Thanks for giving a chance :)

  25. Hi
    thanks for the lovely giveaway.
    Enter me Please.

    Name: Heli'♥beauties



    I've added you on my side bar
    I'm one of your followers.
    i'm also having a giveaway, if you have time drop by

    have a nice day

  26. I hope I win! I would totally choose the:
    Shangri-la lip lustre
    Glow Blush in Captivate
    Eyeshadows in Selkie Skin and Orangutan

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  27. Hi!
    Please enter me!
    If I'd win, I'd choose Ashes and Gilded Wings Loose Eye Shadows, Ryo-Pinko on Lip Lsutre and Charm on blush.

    I posted a clickable link on my sidebar here:

    snow0016 at yahoo dot com

  28. enter me please!
    Lip Lustre: Pink Guitar
    Eye shadow: Koala Loose
    Blsuh: Glow Blush Bewitching
    GFC: Elenita


  29. Hi Enter me please. My GFC is Hadia Salahuddin.


    I would like

    Shinigami Loose Eye Shadow
    Okapi Loose Eye Shadow
    Lip Lustre: Devil Horns
    Glow Blush: Mesmerize

  30. Hi,

    Enter me please.=)
    I follow via GFC as angel.
    I put this giveaway on sidebar.
    I would like
    -Lip Lustre: Puppy Love (Reflective Sparkle)
    -French Vanilla Shake Loose Eye Shadow
    -Glow Blush: Enchant

    Thanks a lot. =)

  31. Hi!! Would love to enter your giveaway! :)
    I follow as TatiAbaurre and my email is - I don't have a blog.

    I would like:
    - lip lustre: Pink Guitar
    - eyeshadows: Ravens & Writing Desks and Princess Of Darkness
    - glow blush: Bewitching


  32. Hello!
    Enter me please!
    My mail is :
    I follow you (rock-or-not)

    I'd pick:
    lip lustre: Pink Guitar
    Glow Blush in Captivate
    Eyeshadows:Princess Of Darkness and Druid werewolf!

    Thank you!!!

  33. Hi, enter me please!!!

    i'm a gfc follower as kimkey
    i like Lip Lustre: Puppy Love, Platinum Loose Eye Shadow and Glow Blush: Hypnotize

    btw, i love this giveaway!!!!!

  34. thanks for all the entries ladies!! ♥

  35. Hi, enter me please!
    I´m Follwer via GFC as sole.
    Lip lustre:very berry happy.
    Eye shadow:calavera cupcakes
    Blush: charm

  36. That's awesome! I always wanted to try these!!!
    I follow you as Beauty Addict
    My email is
    My blog is and I have you on my sidebar
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  37. enter me ~ XD

    lip: meloncholy
    blush: hypnotize
    eyeshadow: delvian and glided wings

  38. Hi! Enter me please!
    Gfc: Suzanne Sophia

    lip: Melancholy
    eyeshadow:Dark Magik Loose and Eternal Innocence Loose

  39. enter me =)

    Blush: Enrapture
    Lip: Pink Guitar
    Eyeshadow: Hypercool Loose Eye Shadow

    thank you~

  40. Enter me :)

    I follow via GFC as Mai

    dancinbluegirl90 at gmail dot com

    Blush: Hypnotize
    Lip: Ryo-Pinko
    Eyeshadows: Looking Glass, Gilded Wings


  41. Hello
    I am a follower via GFC AREEJ USMAN

    Lip Lustre: Reincarnation
    Half-Glow Blush: Enrapture
    Eye shadow:Elf Hottie Loose Eye shadow
    Thanks :)

  42. Hy , i`m a new follower: Andreea !
    My mail :
    I posted bout your giveaway in my blog :

    lip lustre: Pink Guitar
    Blush: Enrapture
    eyeshadow: delvian and glided wings

    Thank you very much :)

  43. helo new follower..
    GFC name kory_nails
    Lip Lustre: Amplifier
    Half-Glow Blush: Enrapture
    Blush: Hypnotize

  44. Enter me;)

    Hi , I`m an "old" follower: Helene!
    My mail :
    I posted your giveaway on the sidebar on my blog:

    Lip Lustre: Bloodstains
    Dark Magik Loose Eye Shadow
    Glow Blush: Hypnotize


  45. GIRL look how many more followers you have gotten!!! Congrats!

    I am a relatively "old" follower haha!


    Eyeshadows: Atomic Afterglow and Ultrasuede
    Lip Lustre: Ryo-Pinko
    Glow Blush: Charm

    Thanks so much for this great giveaway hun and again congrats!!


    LINKED IN MY SIDEBAR! and tweeted ;)

  46. Please enter me:

    Love the pink Snow Bunny Loose Eyeshadow, the enrapture blush, and pink guitar lip lustre!

  47. Hello, Congrats on your followers!

    eyeshadows: Crimson Ghost Loose Eye Shadow,Koala Loose Eye Shadow

    Lip Lustre:Ryo-Pinko

    Glow Blush: Captivate

    Thank you!

    Blogged about the giveaway! :)
    Blush: Temptation
    Lip Lustre: Candy Decadence
    Eyeshadows: Mephisto and Strip Poker
    Enter me please and thank you for this opportunity! :D

  49. enter me please :)
    Lip Lustre: Backstage Kisses (Reflective Sparkle)
    Anemone Loose Eye Shadow
    Glow Blush: Enchant

    my e-mail: wolfy88[at]

    thank u Doll!:)

  50. Enter me doll :)

    Lip lustre: Amplifier
    Eyeshadow: Any.. You can pick :)
    Glow blush: Enrapture :) xxx

  51. Please enter me! I follow your blog! :)

    Shadows: Cupcake Sparkles and Delvian
    Blush: Enrapture
    Lip Lustre: Amplifier

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!

  52. enter me please!!
    I follow your blog as albastrikmik

    I would choose the following:

    Eyeshadow - platinum loose & looking glass loose
    Lip Lustre - melocholy
    Glow Blush - enchant

    I blogged here:
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway,is amazing.

  53. hi Alicia.. Enter me please..
    thanks for the giveaway..
    i'm your follower.. ;)
    take a look on my blog..

    Blush: Enchant
    Lip Lustre: Very Berry Happy
    Shadows: Rapunzel and Finnegan

    posted on my sidebar..

  54. Enter me too, please! :)

    I am following you through GFC with the nickname "Madutza" and my e-mail address is
    I opened Fyrinnae and I couldn't take my eyes off it... :X If I were to win, I would go for the following:
    1). Eye shadows: Leshii & Newcastle (loose)
    2). Lip lustre: Bare Shoulders
    3). Blush: Spellbound

    Thank you so much! xoxo

  55. Enter me please :D
    I have bought a few bits from Fyrinnae before and it was hard for me to choose!
    I'd like:
    Eyeshadow - 1.22 Gigawatts Loose Eye Shadow
    and Bite Me Loose Eye Shadow
    Lip lustre - Indies
    Blush - Bewitching

    I have entered the giveaway to my sidebar at

    email me at:

    Thanks!! xx