Monday, November 22, 2010

Glamour Doll Eyes Review + Swatches pt.1 (mail haul :P)

Heyy ladies,

so I got my first glamour doll eyes order today (2 more to go but I will review those ones together)  the colors are soo pretty!! :-) I am very impressed! As I mentioned in my previous post I bought three shadow towers and two full sized shadows - I have two shadow towers to review one is a 3 shade tower and the other is a four shade tower - Lorris, and Lorena Soo to get right to it!



- The shipping packaging was a bubble mailer, which surprised me - ive heard of GDE    sending  shadows in regular envelopes :-S
- Shipping was fast, I was surprised
- The textures are nice, they feel very smooth on my brush
- I like the shadow towers it keeps things together, compact, and organized
- The colors are gorgeous!! ♥
- it was packaged with some cute business cards and a sticker! :-)
- She puts a * by shadows that are repackaged so you know what you are getting.
- Customer service was great.


- I have heard that they are repackaged - it doesn't bother me too much honestly, but to some people it might matter
- I personally don't like sifter jars
- They are a bit pricey at $9.00 for a full- sized jar, I got mine on sale though so I am not complaining.
- There was no invoice, I don't care - some people might

Would I repurchase? yes! :-)
I can't wait to try the big cities collection.

Now for swatches! :-)

From left to Right - Bare naked, Chocoholic, Fabulous - I LOVE these colors, Chocoholic is fab. soo pretty ♥

left to right - Family Secret, Graves in May, Unicorn, & Urban trash - my hubby loves family secret and unicorn - he said graves in may is too old-ladyish :-P 

Thanks for looking, I can't wait to try these out :-)

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  1. I was gonna get the first set you have there but i didn't...i should of now! i think im gonna get it now that you showed me the swatches! LOL enjoy them!

  2. they are great colors, I dont think they have the towers anymore - unless they put more on, Im not sure

  3. Great haul! Really like that blue colour.. :)

    Sriya xx

  4. Thats funny that he said Graves in May is too old ladyish! Looks like a great haul! Glad you like their products!

  5. The towers are great! I kind of like 'Graves in May' ♥

  6. Thanks ladies, I love the colors!! :-)

    I really like graves in may the pics don't do these colors justice but wow they are pretty!!

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  8. i love the mauvy and lilac colours.. they look really nice. I'm really into purple shadows at the moment! xoxo