Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just playing - Persian Nudist fotd

Heyy ladies :)

I didn't do any swatches I completely forgot! but anywayss here it is!

I called this Persian Nudist because i am wearing Cover Girl's Persian Pink lipstick and the colors are very "nude" :)

I was just playing around with my new 28 neutral palette and here is what I came up with!I really love the 28 neutral Palette it has so many great colors, I can't wait to use more!

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  1. Hi there :) thanks for your comment on my blog <3

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  2. I love that pink, stop playing with make-up and come to momma's i'm hungry :p

  3. this is pretty <3

    xoxo Christine

  4. Very pretty look! I always love a neutral eye with a bright lipstick!