Friday, November 12, 2010

Limited Edition ELF 100 Palette - full swatches and review! =]

Heyy ladies!

So i still havent received my packages! Its driving me nuts! I have a few things I already have that I am going to start doing reviews on now, so stay tuned!! =]

First is the Limited Edition ELF 100 palette, I saw full swatches of every row for this palette, and I really love most of the colors.

You can see my broken hinge :(

If you use an eyeshadow primer they show up alot better, so for only $10.00 its kind of a steal! =]

Also when I got my palette in the mail - one of the hinges was already broken, so the packaging isn't really that great, but i find that with most of my ELF products (i dropped my liquid liner on the floor and it exploded!!)

This is Rows 1 & 2

Rows 3 & 4

Rows 5 & 6

 Rows 7 & 8


- $10.00 is awesome for 100 colors
- Wide Range of colors
- work well with a primer
- TONS of pretty colors
-  Did I mention Cheap???
- The packaging is cute, so if yours doesn't break then yay!! =]


- Packaging is poor
- Not very pigmented

Rating: I say buy it! for $10.00 you cant go wrong just make sure you have a good eyeshadow base! =] It would also be a good starter kit, You cant buy it on anymore they are out of stock. So if you find it pick it up! =)



xoxo! liquoredonlacquer


  1. wow, thats an exellent price for some many eyeshadows and so many pretty colours xxx

  2. I agree! =) its a great price, especially if you have a primer, it makes the colors ten times better!

  3. Yeah its a bummer the true colour doesn't shine through. :( x

  4. I know, its a big bummer!! I love them all so much!

    they disappointed me!

    Oh well for $10.00 its still a great buy !

  5. Wow, thats a great deal on the pallette!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog