Thursday, December 2, 2010

Face Candy Couture Package (swatches & Review)

I got my first face candy couture package today!! :-) I was so excited!! 

 This isn't the giveaway package that I had won - I ordered this package before I won the giveaway. The colors I received were:

(descriptions from the website - the stars represent the ones that Shantle had sent extra ♥)

1. Isis - an amazing gold yellow with gold sparkles and a deep orange undertone
2.  Caribbean Dream - a bright aqua color with yummy shimmer and a tropical look
3. *Sweet Innocence - A stunning, light, soft peachy, pink color with an iridescent  undertone
1. *Celebrate - a yummy, pinkish, purple shadow with silver shimmer (sample)
2. Pink lemonade - flat light pink with gold sparkles (sample)
3. *Change - A scrumptious color of deep green with yellow & gold undertones - its called change because it has so many beautiful colors in one! ( I sooo agree with this!!) (sample)
4. Cotton Candy - Cotton Candy pink with blue shimmer undertone (sample)
5. Chill - a Dark, cool,  calming blue like a midnight sea with shimmer (sample)
6. Imagine - a iridescent grayish blue green color. Very pretty and unexpected when on the eye.  (sample)

Anyways onto the review and swatches! ♥


x. Shipping was pretty fast
x. the packaging is super adorable!! its bright and fun, and it has the name on the bottom  and ingredients
x. Shantle is super sweet, and the customer service is great
x. It had an invoice in the envelope with a hand written thank you, which i thought was nice
x. The colors are highly pigmented
x. The colors are super gorgeous!!
x. They are smooth and easy to apply ♥

The only con I found was that it was a sifter jar :-P Its not even a big deal every company does it I just don't personally like it. Yeah i know...wahhhhhh  ♥

Soo there you have it - FACE CANDY COUTURE is a 5/5 for me ♥

To purchase go to

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  1. i heard about this company...I still haven't ordred but I love how they look applied wet!

  2. Wow, these are amazing swatches!:D Change is my favorite, such a warm color.:D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, following yours now!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. The colors look great! Can't wait to see some looks with Face Candy Couture!

  4. @ Priscilla - yuou NEED to order they have a 3 for 9.99 and an 8 for 19.99 special!! :-) also if you want to try a few colors they have 5 samples for free!!

    @ Marie thanks for the comment!! :-) I love change too - its going onto my next order - it was my favorite along with Isis!

  5. Thanks Peach I just did a look going to upload some pics quick

  6. Sweet Innocence looks really pretty!

  7. I love sweet innocence! its gorgeous! :-)

  8. Great swatches! I love sweet innocence such a lovely colour! I've never heard of this brand but I may have to get myself some of these goodies!

    - Sriya xx

  9. @ Sriya - i agree you should, She is having a great deal right now you should check it out! :-)