Monday, December 6, 2010

GDE & Concrete Minerals Mail Haul ♥

Hey girls!! 

I was hoping and waiting, and hoping and waiting that I'd get a package today!! :-D and I got two!!!! I got my GDE 4 Shadow Tower (although I was hoping for my Cyber Monday Sample Package) and I also got my Concrete Minerals shadows that I had ordered!! :-D 

I have swatches and pics!! :-D 

1) Concrete Minerals ♥

 Packaged all cute - with a handwritten note ♥ I love it!! And with a step by step "how to wear it" paper! :-)

 1) unity 2) Harlequin 3) Smut 4) Lovey Dovey

1) Harlequin, Smut, Unity, & Lovey Dovey (top row swatched dry over primer - second row swatched wet over primer )
The colors are stunning, my favorite has to be smut! It looks so bland in the jar but swatched it is amazing!!!! I friggin love it!! ♥

Concrete Minerals is a 5 for me!! I love the colors, and the smoothness, and everything!! they are so amazing - I just placed an order for 4 more!! ♥

2) Glamour Doll Eyes ♥

My Nicole Tower! ♥ I originally bought this tower only for Dirty Jeans - but I LOVE all of the colors, and i am so glad i bought this tower! SOO GLAD!! Oddity Is probably my fave out of the tower I like dirty jeans but i thought it'd be more silver like ive seen in other swatches - I don't look to hot in blue so it's kind of a bummer!

 Up Close - Don't you just want to sex these colors!!

1) Violent 2) Oddity 3) Dirty Jeans 4) Strawberry Cupcake (top swatched dry bottom swatched wet)

Glamour Doll Eyes - 5/5 ♥

Well there you have it, I'm so glad I got two packages today ♥ ♥ 


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  1. Awesome review Alicia!! OMG I'm jealous right now!! ive wanted that GDE tower...LOL im gonna try Concrete Minerals ive never heard of them but the colors are beautiful! =)

  2. Thanks Priscilla!! ♥

    You totally should!! :-D. I loveeee them ♥

  3. Great swatches! Concrete Minerals has been one of the companies that I may have to try one of these day! And GDE Dirty Jeans does look like an awesome color!

  4. They are really awesome, I would recommend Concrete Minerals to anyone! And I love the colors! :-D

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  6. Gorgeous shades! Can't wait to see them on you! Strawberry Cupcake is my fave!

  7. I really liked strawberry cupcake too! :-) That was my sisters favorite as well! :-)