Thursday, December 30, 2010

GDE Swatches & EOTD ♥

First of all, 

I would like to say Happy New Year to all of my blogging friends! ♥ This year will be a good one, I can feel it!! ♥

Onto my swatches - GDE got their site back up and running a while back so I took some time to order 4  sample jars. I will say right this second that I am not disappointed with any of the colors, as usual they are awesomesauce. Onto the swatches ♥

 I love the new stickers and shrink wrapping!! and look samples! eeekkkk! ♥

 Two Sample Baggies - Apple Martini & Melancholy.
Sample Jars - Tattooed, Boyfriend Sweater, Franken Glamour, and Hot Mess Eye Lights Glitter

 Top Swatched Dry - Boyfriend Sweater, Tattooed, Franken Glamour, Hot Mess(applied with mixing medium)
Middle Swatched Wet - Boyfriend Sweater, Tattooed, Franken Glamour
Bottom Samples - Melancholy, and Apple Martini swatched dry then wet.

Love Love Love these colors!! ♥ and Ive already placed an order for melancholy its soo beautiful! ♥
Also, I have an EOTD using these colors!! ♥ its over the top and crazy and my hubby thought I was doing a drag queen contest or something! :-P But I just kept adding I don't know why - I like tattooed!! mmmmm!!

Thanks for looking!~ ♥

P.S. Starting January 1st I will be doing 365 days of NOTD's I thought that'd be a fun addition! ♥ I do love my nail polish ♥

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  1. love that blue eye shadow xoxo its gorgeous!!

  2. you make me wanna go and order some more gde

  3. I want more too, I saw a look you did using Shamrock - Loveee!! ♥

  4. wow, your eye of the day is soo pretty.