Monday, December 20, 2010

Morgana Cryptoria Order + Swatches/Mini-Review ♥

 Morgana Cryptoria ♥

 Zombie Tramp, Brew HaHa, Ectoplasm
Zombie Ambrosia, Harken, Pyramid Scheme

 about 3-4 weeks ago I placed a small order at Morgana Cryptoria - I got 6 different shadows :-) They are so pretty ♥

- Everything was simple, I like simple ♥
- The colors are awesome, and highly pigmented!
- The jars had no sifters
- Good prices
- Lots of selection on the site, and it is easy to navigate

- There was no invoice
- Shipping took a while

 Swatched Dry - Zombie Tramp, Ectoplasm, Brew HaHa
Swatched Dry - Zombie Ambrosia, Harken, Pyramid Scheme

  Swatched Wet - Zombie Tramp, Ectoplasm, Brew HaHa
Swatched Wet - Zombie Ambrosia, Harken, Pyramid Scheme

Would I repurchase? Yes Yes Yes!! ♥

So there are my swatches and review ♥ thanks for taking a peek ♥

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  1. I love all your mineral shadow hauls!! I've never used any (as I've now said a few times lol) so I'm so excited to receive mine from your giveaway!! They look so amazing and you find the cutest little stores with the most unique colours, I love it! :) Keep up the great work girl! XOXO

  2. Pyramid Scheme is such an easy to wear, every day color. Nice choices! :)

  3. you always buy the cutest shadows! i love the color names too - so cool! :)

    can't wait to see them on your eyes!

  4. Great swatches! You always buy the best eyeshadows.. Lovely colours :) xx

  5. Nice review Alicia...dude those e/s are pretty!! I love them..ill check them out after xmas and put in a small order =)

  6. Zombie Ambrosia, FTW! BTW, have you received your package?

  7. great review&beautiful eyeshadows hun,u always pick the nicest eyeshadows,cant wait to see ur looks

  8. You picked great colors! Harken is probably my all time favorite eyeshadow, I just love it so much lol. :D