Thursday, December 9, 2010

My EOTN ♥ Dinner at my Ma's

Hey ladies - just another  eotn - I wore this to dinner at my moms house last night! My sister said it was a bit dark but I liked it!! :-)

I  used smut (concrete minerals) and Urban Trash (GDE)
I cannot tell you how much I love Smut - its soo gorgeous!!
Anywayssss Here is the pic! (dont ask why I look so sickly, Im normally fair but I look just wrong in this pic!)

Sooo there it is! :-) 

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  1. wow man! i wish these products were available here! anyways as usual gorgeous!

  2. Yeah i have checked ebay and amazon, but they dont have that color. They have all the other ones :(

  3. I love dark looks! I think you pulled this one off nicely. :)

  4. love this smokey look xoxo

  5. You nailed the perfect V shape.... I'm so jealous! I can't really do it myself :)

  6. thanks I tried ;-) Im not very good at it

  7. I like Smut too. It's my fav from CM.

    Great look!! Do you have a crease brush? It's perfect for the outer V and blending into the crease.

  8. I have a crease brush yes! I just find it makes such a harsh line and it makes it harder to blend - i just need to practice :-P! why can't I be perfect right off the bat! lol!!