Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tis' the season (eotd) (& concrete minerals swatches ♥)

Helllooooo!!!!! :-)

Its Christmas eve eve! And even though I am sick as hell and dealing with some not so fun womanly things I am still in the greatest mood ever. EVARRR! Its two sleeps until Christmas! Everyone always asks me why I love Christmas soo much because when you're an adult apparently Christmas has to suck. WHY DO I LOVE CHRISTMAS???? I love spending time with my family, I love baking, I love eating great food ( we are having steak & shrimp for Xmas dinner :-D), I love Christmas music, and sailor jerrys & egg nog, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing my children's faces in the morning when Santa has to come to visit - even if we are Santa, and I had  to shell out hundreds of dollars and tedious hours decorating and wrapping - its all worth those ten minutes when your children are recklessly tearing through mounds of wrapping paper, its beautiful.

Also, something great happened this morning - when I checked my mail not only did I get my concrete minerals order, and a cute picture of my cousin with Santa - we got a Christmas card on the front there was no postage of mailing address it said "The Wiebe Family" when I opened it up the card said "I hope you have a very merry Christmas, love your secret Santa with a $100 gift card inside! I don't know who sent it or why, but i feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing, wonderful, supportive friends and family! :-) Even my husband who is the king of grinches and bahhhumbugs was touched! It was completely selfless.  Sooo whoever you are, once again thank you ♥

Anywhooo that was alot to read I am sorry! 

onto makeup. As I mentioned I got my concrete minerals order I have some swatches for you! :-D


Swamped, Jezebel, Kismet, Sabotage

 Top Swatched Dry - Kismet, Swamped, Jezebel, Sabotage
 Bottom Swatched Wet - Kismet, Swamped, Jezebel, Sabotage



Also here is my festive holiday gold/red look ♥ I used GDE Jerrica, GDE Rag Doll, & Concrete Minerals Hearts (just a bit blended into my lower lash line ♥)

So there is my post for today! I hope you enjoy ♥


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  1. Feel better!!! I love Christmas too! :) Great swatches! :)

  2. Awww ... first your explanation of why you love Christmas, then your Secret Santa surprise, totally melted my Grinchy heart!! I kind of hate Christmas, which nobody understands because it is insane, of course, but now I feel so silly .... like you said! Baking, cooking, (eating! drinking!) getting to see people you don't often see ... OK. I'm in :)

  3. How sweet that someone left a Secret Santa in your mailbox! And I'm with you, I love Christmas! I love gift giving, baking, eating, Christmas lights, name it! Love the Concrete Minerals! Great colors!

  4. thanks girls!!
    Christmas is kind of insane, its horribly maddening - but for me it is outweighed because in general i just love eating good food and drinking and hanging out with my family & friends!!


  5. Omg that's so lovely of whoever left you a secret santa!!
    This post made me go 'awww' out loud! So sweet :) You've made me feel even more Christmassy which I didn't think was possible!!
    On to the make up! Great swatches again!! You always have such nice eyeshadows & I love the colours you put together :D xxx

  6. Wow, you sound like you love xmas as much as me :) Cant believe its over now for another year, wish I could make it last longer.

    What a great secret santa, I bet you were over the moon :)

    Great swatches, the colours are very pretty xxx

  7. Ooooo the pink is like fairy dust! xx

  8. Pretty swatches & and love your EOTD look.

    Great blog!