Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mini Sephora Haul (blog sale) ♥

Hey Girls, 

This morning I received two items from a blog sale, that I had purchased - I couldn't remember what they were when I was sorting through my orders (i have alot lol) So, it was kind of like Christmas when I opened up the envelope I received a Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip Gloss (#32) and a Sephora Collection Eye Pencil in black, they were both brand new (which would retail to about $20.00 - not including s/h) and I paid 14.00 including s/h. :-D and the lipgloss is aweesssommmeee!! ♥ 


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  1. that lip gloss is really pretty. i have never purchased from a blog sale but have seen a lot of great items for sale.

  2. Very pretty :] I've never purchased from a blog sale before, but I've seen some that have some good deals!

  3. Yes I have seen so many good deals its awesome!!