Friday, November 12, 2010

42 piece double stack palette in Matte (swatches and review)

 Hey Ladies!! 

So i know i should stop posting but I just can't
I LOVE it and i LOVE reading posts from other bloggers as well!! 
 I JUST got one of my packages - this one is from ebay, I saw this palette on Misschievous' blog you can view it here: 

She was giving one away for a contest! 
I didn't win the contest, so i decided to buy myself one, since they are SOO cheap! I think it was $20.00 with shipping.

I will have to add pros and cons when I actually use it! I will tell you though, and you will see from the pics that it is highly pigmented! 
it also came with three applicators. It has 32 eyeshadows and you lift the palette up and surprise there is 10 blushes!!

 (the case)


- Good Price!
- Highly Pigmented
- Packaging is sturdy and nice (matte black case
- lots of selection and variety
- All matte colors
- Comes with three brushes (not sponges) 2 minis and 1 full sized blending brush (not sure of the quality) 
- Lots of blush choices, all of them are shimmer, except for two
- has colors for all skin tones
- You can also buy this is shimmers


- not sure what the staying power will be, im sure it would be fine if you use a primer.
- should include more neutrals or everyday wear colors (it has alot of bright crazy colors!)

Here are the rest of the pictures! enjoy and let me know what you think! :)

A Few Swatches of the shadows ( I love these colors! so springy/Easterish)

 Here is the blush palette! Lots of range! :)

 Blush Swatches - lots of pretty colors!! =)

Here is the full palette the eyeshadow just lifts up to reveal the blushes!

Thanks for reading <3 




  1. Wow that's very pretty, I will be excited to see some looks with the palette! :)

  2. this is really pretty :D

    I will post pictures with swatches later :)

    xoxo Christine

  3. Woww such a pretty palette...The shades look awesome.
    Hey I'm following you.

  4. Thanks ladies!! xoxox!

    I'm very excited to use this palette!

  5. yeah the colors are just too cute, so excited about the collection :)

    xoxo Christine

  6. Te shades look absolutely gorgeous! Would be a shame if staying power ain't good :)


  7. @ Cynthia Z - - I agree, it would be a shame!! They are such pretty bright colors!!

  8. hello Alicia,
    This is great palette. You have plenty of colors to choose from.
    Enjoy it! I like... Bright colors are wonderful.
    Btw, thank you very much.