Monday, November 15, 2010

Ebay package #2 - 28 neutrals Palette, Blending brush, 28 empty Palette

Good afternoon! =)

I just recieved my 2nd ebay package so I wanted to show you my goodies!! :-D 

 here is all of it! =)
Im not sure what the pink package is - maybe somebody could tell me??
But i got an empty palette I have some nyx pigments and single shadows i want to de-pot and re-pot =)
I also got a 28 neutrals palette,  I love the colors, and the smooth texture of this palette and the palette itself was 5.90 I think. its a mix of matte and shimmers and lots of nudes and neutrals to choose from for fresh everyday looks! here is the palette and  four swatches!

I also got a blending brush. I havent used it yet though, so I will have to let you know when I do and tell you what its like!

Any requests let me know!!




  1. Ive wanted a 28 neutrals palette for awhile..whats the name of the seller?

  2. @ MakeupJunkie88 - - here is the link - her name is jolieeeee =) I really love the colors!

  3. oops the link is


  4. I love that palette. I wish mine would come in already..

  5. Yeah i don't know whats taking yours so long!

  6. you can borrow mine if you want until yours comes

  7. at makeupjunkie88 - no problem!! always want to help!

  8. I love this haul. The 28 palette is really tempting:)Can't wait for the review :)

  9. Thank you sweetie, i love ebay. They have a lot to choose from. Love this palette, the colors are really pretty <3

  10. hey thanks for following - love ur blog. The neutrals palette seems like a great alternative to the naked palette if you don't have much cash. May look into that :D

  11. you're right, it probably would be a good alternative! I keep trying to buy the naked palette but its never in stock, if I ever do get it i will swatch it and compare!