Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pressing Pigments/Eyeshadows - PIC HEAVY!!

Good Morning! 

Last night, I was too excited and I just had to fill my empty palette, I had a bunch of nyx pigments that i had got off of ebay a while back, and i wanted to press them because i was sick of so much fallout when using them! plus the packaging is horrible!! 
I also de-potted some of my shadows and re-potted them 
I will say that it did not turn out the way I had hoped, some of my shadows did that i had de-potted but the nyx pigments are still super soft - well you'll see.
Here is the link that gave me the idea and which i had followed from! I used two tsps. of pigment and 1 tsp of alcohol

1)  Gather Supplies - you need pigments, rubbing alcohol, a small spoon, a small bowl, and empty palette refills.

2) Take your pigment and pour it into the small bowl - I used 2 tsps.

3) Pour 1 tsp. alcohol into the pigment

4) Mix the pigment and alcohol together until smooth 

5) Pour your mix into your empty palette refill (this is the only step I dont have a picture for) - - If it is bumpy or has waves i picked it up and gently tapped it on the table. it worked well  to make the mix even and smooth.

6) Now you need to let it sit overnight - 24 hours so that the alcohol evaporates - Then it is ready to be pressed! =) 

7) I used a quarter and a piece of toilet paper to press mine - the quarter fit perfectly into my empty refill. You need to press it REALLY hard - you could even use clamps for this!!

8) And you're done!! 

Now, after I pressed all my shadows - I wanted to test them out a bit. I found that my nyx pigments were still very soft and when i very gently put my brush on it it kind of fell apart

It was the first turquoise color!

But when i used the shadows that I de-potted they didnt crack or break, so i wonder if its just the pigments. 


What do you think? What could I have done better to make them more solid?



  1. Omg I think you did a fantastic job!! :) I'm so bad at pressing/depotting anything of that nature!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and the follow! You have a great blog here yourself!

    Cosmetically Curious

  2. Thanks! =)I just wish they wouldn't crumble hehe!

  3. Oh, this post is very useful! I need to depot some of my shadows very soon.

  4. That looks awesome sissy ! Next time I see loose powder I wont be scared to buy it cuz now I know how to press it =]

    love you,


  5. Thank you <3
    You can be the lucky winner of those three nail polishes soon, posting my elf cosmetics xmas giveaway soon :)

    xoxo Christine