Monday, November 8, 2010

EOTD w/ swatches - Purple for Novemeber Pancreatic Cancer awareness!

So its kind of late in the day to be putting my makeup on but I finally just had time, Its been so crazy today my goodness, I feel like a hot sweaty pig. Blech

Anyways, This has been inspired by  The Cupcake Cartel Here is her link to Pancreatic Cancer Awareness!!

Anyways...... I decided to continue with my previous "purple" post and do a purple look!

=) Here it is, enjoy!! 

Close up of Purple Haze - -

And here are the swatches - I used my Coastal Scents 88 shimmer Palette (one of my faves- for the price it has great pigmentation, and pay-off!!)
 (lightest Purple - 2nd row, 7th color in, med purple - 5th row, 7th color in, dark purple - 8th row, 8th color in, and my highlight color was the 1st row, 1st color in)

I paired this eye with no blush and just alight bronzer, (bonnebell shimmer bronzer gold n glitz) and a sheer pink lip! =)

Question: If anyone reads this, can you suggest a good concealer/foundation/powder combo?? i hate day full face pictures because I can never find the fight combo for my skin, I am very fair skined, and i get alot of redness/dryness/acne on my chin so i want something with build-able coverage. I hate my face right now!! YUCK!!

Any kind of advice would help!! 

thanks for looking
Love <3


  1. if you have acne you may want to use a green concealer to neutralise the redness and then use your skin colour concealer to cover the green concealer. Always powder your creamy consistency make up products. I love complexion perfection palette by ELF and HD powder by ELF too for under my eye area. Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks! my cheeks and nose are always red can I cover my whole face in green? :P

  3. great tutorial :) thank you very muhc^^ the colours are gorgeous^^
    drey jewelry.