Monday, November 8, 2010

November 2010 - Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month - Wear purple!

Hi Everyone!! Novemeber is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month so Please breakout your purple and wear it proudly to help raise awareness. Spread the word!! =]

I saw this On cupcake Cartels Blog (which is an amazing blog btw!!) and here is the link

This Month to participate in Pancreatic Cancer awareness Month I am going to wear purple nail polish, everyday. each week I will switch the colors and post a pic of what color im wearing that week soo to start off here is my first week ( I started a bit late...)

November 8-November 14 2010

This is from OPI's Shrek Collection (which I adore!!) Its called Funky new favorite color that I own.

So there it is lovelies!! <3 week one of wearing purple! Update on the 15th!! 

Love <3 

What will you do to spread awareness? 

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