Friday, November 5, 2010

Found some others I have done! =]

Hey guys just wanted to post a couple of other looks I found on my computer that I have done within the last month or so. Here they are!! =]

I called this one autumn sunset, and I used my 88 metal mania palette(i LOVE the metal mania palette)

 This is called mermaid eyes with the pretty blues and greens, I used cover girl single shadows for this one.

thanks for looking <3


  1. wow, you're really good :)
    I try to take photos of my make up, but I just cannot get my camera to show it like I want it to show :( Great post though..xx

  2. Thanks!! =) Yeahh i have two cameras and I hate them both lol! I wish I had a new one, maybe I just suck at taking pictures because I have to take 70-100 to find one or two I like hehe.