Thursday, November 4, 2010

Playing around! =]

So today i did a couple of fun looks - remember I am just starting out and even at 22 years old, the only thing ive ever worn up until now is mascara and eyeliner and lipgloss. =]

As you can also tell, I need a new camera, or I need to figure out my camera

If you want to know what any of the products I used are just send me a message

Love <3

I call this party girl  - simple eye with hot pink lips, simple but sexy! 
I absolutely love this lipstick by NYX its beautiful! 

Starry Nights - This picture didn't turn out as great as I hoped it would, It doesn't do it justice, I used my ELF 100 Palette for this and chose the darkest blue, and i wasn't very impressed with the pigmentation. I had to slather it on and it didn't turn out dark at all.  Alot of the other colors are very pigmented when swatched so I'm not sure if i did something wrong or if it was that particular color. I lined my lower lash line and outer corner with a yellow/gold color to give it a pretty fun twist!

Thanks for looking!!

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