Sunday, November 28, 2010

Its a Unicorn Love Affair - FOTD ♥

Hey Ladies ♥

Just wanted to do a post - happy thanksgiving weekend to all of my American Friends, I hope you had a good holiday ♥

Also we had our first snowfall of the year it was so amazing, I personally do not like snow that much - but I love seeing my kids faces when they look out the window - its priceless ♥

 Our Winter Wonderland ♥

 My daughter ( on the table) and her friend Peeking out the window!! ♥

Anddd the look!

I used GDE Unicorn on the inner corner, Love Affair on the Outer corner blended with a bit of fabulous on the outer corner and fabulous on the lower lash line


I also will be doing a mini haul with swatches after I take some pics!! :-)



  1. Yay for snow...I guess! As long as the kids love it! I'm just glad ours is finally gone! And love the look! Great pop of blue on the lower lashline!

  2. Yes, thats all that matters to me, is that the kids love it lol! Ours disappeared by the next day anyways sooo its alright

    and thanks! ♥

  3. OMG the snow looks soooo pretty! I hope this year it snows here...i live in West Texas so we usually dont get snow...booo! LOL i luv the look =)

  4. aww thats so sad. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the snow! :-D

  5. aww. ur girl looks soo cute!
    n awesome llook!

  6. LOVE it!!! I could hardly believe all the snow we got, woohoo!! I'm such a kid at heart. :)
    Btw, love the FOTD. I think I'll try it. I like how the sparkles are so subtle, but they're still there. Really brings out your eyes. :)

  7. lol!!!! I don't really enjoy the snow, but its all worth it! and thank you! I love sparkles!! -D♥