Sunday, November 28, 2010

The weekend is almost over :-( (haul)

Hey ladies!

Just wanted to show you what i picked up (there isn't much) from the black Friday madness - I got a fair amount of my Christmas shopping for my kiddos done, diapers were cheap too.

Other than that didn't buy anything crazzy

 1. Sally Hansen Rock star pink Glitter Polish, I already have one but I loved it so much I thought I should add one to my giveaway :-) $2.99
2.  2 Falsies Mascara - I bought a backup one for myself, and one for my giveaway they were only $3.50 :-D
3. Zoya Astra Polish - this was actually an ebay purchase but i received it Friday. and it is effing gorgeous!! i loveeee it!! :-D $5.25
4. Wt n' Wild Color Icon Polish in Disturbia - Can't wait to check it out - I love purple and I loved the name :-) $1.99
5. Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Smitten - its really sheer but i love it, its not sticky and it makes my lips look so pretty ♥ $3.99
6. Wet n' Wild Palettes - The purple one is Lust, and The Gold/Brown is Vanity. I love these - they are super pigmented as you will see in the swatches, the are smooth and silky and just gorgeous colors plus they were $3.50 I really liked the Envy Palette too - i love purple and green but it had blues as well and I don't do blue too often♥

 Heres the rimmel gloss swatch!! so pretty! :-)

 The swatches from the Lust Palette

The swatches from the Vanity palette

thanks for checkin it out!! ♥

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  1. Great haul! I love those WnW palettes!

  2. thanks! :-) I love them too so pretty!! ♥

  3. Lust palette is really nice. And yay for Rimmel's Vinyl Gloss! ♥

  4. i luv both those WnW palettes and the mascara..nice haul Alicia =)

  5. I love hauls, it's almost like having the makeup myself haha xD Thanks for this! :)

  6. Nice haul.The W&W palettes look nice! :)


  7. Lovely Haul !
    The eyeshadow palette look great

  8. I'm jealous! I can't find the WnW palettes anywhere. *cries*

  9. This is the first time Ive seen them - and they were kind of hidden in the corner, I almost missed them, so glad I didn't! I was actually hoping to find the night elf, and the sugar plum fairy i think???? but didn't! :-(

  10. NVM i have sugar plum fairy (well its the same colors i think anyways) :-p