Thursday, December 9, 2010

3 crammed into one - FCC Haul, NOTD, FOTD ♥ swatchy swatchy ♥ PIC HEAVY ♥

Heyy stunna's so this is my last post for tonight! :-D


I will start with the Face Candy Couture Haul - As you all may know, I won my very first giveaway on Makeup Zombies Blog. And my prize was 4 shadows from Face Candy Couture.

As you also may know, before the giveaway i had placed an order  - the shadows I got were gorgeous! I ordered full sizes of Caribbean Dream & Isis and five samples. I also got a 3g jar of sweet innocence and an extra sample. 

So Three of the colors have been swatched in my other post - you can see that here - The colors I swatched already were samples and now I have the 3g jars in them as well and they are: Imagine, Chill & Sweet Innocence. 

 My Package with a cute little congrats note ♥ ^

 The Colors Samples - #1 - Caribbean Dream, Sudden, Fuertos Marie ♥ ^
Jars I won - #1 - June Bug, Chill, Imagine, Sweet Innocence ♥ ^

 Up Close ♥ ^

 Swatches - June Bug, Fuetros Marie, Sudden (top swatched dry, bottom swatched wet) ^
Thank you so much Shantle from Face Candy Couture and Wendi from Makeup Zombie ♥


I wanted to show you guys my Christmas mani with my party hearty gift set ♥


I loved loved LOVED Sudden from Face Candy Couture so i wanted to include this into my look for the day ♥ SO i used that all over my lid and blended it to the brow bone and went in with my nyx palette and used it in my crease and blended it to my brow bone as well.

Comment. Follow. Love. ♥


  1. Love the FCC colors! And what a fun Christmas mani!

  2. i love everything! your blush looks amazing on you! :) gorgeous mani too!

  3. i love the green colour!! and I love the nailpolish too xoxo really nice for xmas time :)


  4. Wow, these are amazing prizes.:D I am loving your Christmas mani!:D

    Happy Friday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. I love those eyeshadow,they r so pretty&pigmented,also loving ur beautiful nails&colour and the FOTD is just gorgeous hun,love it all.We got 3for1 today haha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love it all!!! the nail polish colors are pretty =)

  7. love them all, specially the sudden eyeshadow!

  8. Junebug looks so pretty. Congrats on winning the giveaway! :)

  9. -that's cute,
    i love all the colors.

    havea great day,

  10. Love it all! Especially those christmassy nails and I love how pigmented the eyeshadows are! You also have really nice eyes! I'd love to have green eyes!! xx