Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review & Swatches - Bad Bitch Cosmetics ♥

Hey Ladies,

Recently I made an awesome purchase from an etsy site: Bad Bitch Cosmetics, the only reason why I originally purchased was just for the sheer fact that the colors had ridiculously cool names! I thought it was kind of unique! :-) Plus, the colors looked awesome on the site! I was so excited! Anyways, onto the review! :-)


- The colors are awesome, when applied wet
- They have unique colors - at least I think they are unique! :-)
- They all have cool names!
- They are a Mineral makeup company
- The sample packaging is cute!
- The prices are good! :-)


-  the colors look a bit dull when applied dry, at first  i was disappointed, but applied wet they are amazing!! 
- Lil Kim has too much fallout even when used wet its kind of clumpy which sucks because its such a pretty color! :-)

Website color Description:  

Missy - a beautiful shade of blue that looks GREAT when applied wet with a foiling medium (such as BBC's amazing eyeshadow primer!) and gives you a striking metallic lid that is sure to turn heads. Go'n, girl!
Ms. Steal Your Man - you know who you are, Ms. Steal Your Man! We're bad, but we can't help it, right? This is an high luster, blue-base, dark pink pigment. Foiled it has an amazing shine and used loose it's full of cute shimmer.
B Kiddo - this shadow is just GORGEOUS. A brilliant olive green with a beautifully subtle gold undertone, B Kiddo will look great in the evening in lower lighting because of its dramatic flare. It’s also amazing as an eyeliner!
Nana - Every girl needs Nana. This is a gorgeous shade, black with a hint of iridescence and blended with red micro-glitter. It's dramatic, like you!
Trina -  We couldn't think of a more perfect fit than Trina and this INCREDIBLE metallic gold. It's KILLER. Foiled it looks like liquid metal.
Barracuda - This shade named for them is a deep, romantic, interesting black violet. It's sort of macabre, sort of gothie. It seems well suited for a burlesque look as well.
Hotaru - This shade is so hard to photograph and so hard to describe! It's purple, but the most rich, complex purple. It's full of iridescent natural shimmer - so special!
Toya - This is an adorable pastel purple with some pink shimmer added. It's a perfect my little pony looking pair with "Tiny"
Miwako - We get all weak kneed just looking at it. Super high shimmer bright pink with more reflects than you can shake a stick at. Do it, it's so worth it!
Lil Kim - Named for one of *the* baddest bitches - the Notorious K.I.M. - this is some very serious pigment. It's a matte finish violet that verges on neon. It can hardly be done justice in photos.
 The Cute, little, package it came in all tied up neatly.

 All of the colors starting from the top left - Missy, Ms. Steal Your Man, B Kiddo, Nana, Trina, Barracuda, Hotaru, Toya, Miwako, Lil Kim.

 Swatched Dry - Top Left - B Kiddo, Toya, Missy, Miwako, Hotaru, Barracuda, Lil Kim, Trina, Nana, Ms. Steal Your Man.

  Swatched Dry - Top Left - B Kiddo, Toya, Missy, Miwako, Hotaru, Barracuda, Lil Kim, Trina, Nana, Ms. Steal Your Man. 

 Swatched Dry - Top Left - B Kiddo, Toya, Missy, Miwako, Hotaru, Barracuda, Lil Kim, Trina, Nana, Ms. Steal Your Man.
Aren't those the prettiest colors??

Now, Honestly, I havent seen any reviews or swatches when I tried to google it, so if you have heard anything good or bad please let me know before I place another order!  I would leave feedback! :-D

Thanks for reading ♥

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  1. Looks like a lot of great colors! I haven't heard of this company, but it looks like you had a good experience with them! I would also be interested in hearing if anyone else had ordered from them.

  2. LOL thats the best cosmetic name! the products look great too very, very pigmented!

  3. haha wow! I am loving the names. They're all named after badass girls. I would like to also state that I jammed so hard to Trina's "Bad Bitch" back in the day. oh yes.
    I'm surprised I've never heard of this company before, the colors look really nice!

  4. great name right !!! I like the yellow the best looks like it has great pigment !! great review

  5. The names! Love, heeehh :)

    And to your comment on my post, I'll also answer here.
    I'm sure though, that there's a bronzer for you too to find :) The one I have is perfect for me when most others are to dark/give me dirty look. It's all about trying, really.
    I think applying also plays huge role. I get the best result with kabuki.

  6. Whoa,now thus what we call cool lol love the name of company and pigments hun,great buys lovely colours&swatches cant wait to see ur FOTD with these

  7. Haaa I love the names!! The colours looks amazing :) xxx

  8. Yes, I agree! such a cool name! :-) And the colors have great pigment!! I wore lil kim and b kiddo last night I forgot to take pics as I was in a hurry i will have to do another look :-D

  9. yeah, the names are super funny. i would be interested in them too for that alone. and the colors look great and are in cute packages.

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    very like it !! ; )
    it's super !

    follow me and write comment if U want ;**

  11. You're right using them wet makes them so much prettier! Haha, it's like Bitch Slap cosmetics minus all the drama, and unique (from what I can tell) colors. :p

  12. These look great! Especially applied wet! I don't have any loose mineral eyeshadows so I'm SO excited to get my prizes from your giveaway!! :D

  13. love the swatches and i love the names, so different. I have never heard of this brand before. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. The colors looks nice~~I am ur new follower now~hope u follow me back!!


  15. So funny, before purchasing I was also looking for a review but I couldn't find any! I made one too so there are at least two now ;)

    My favourite color so fare is Hotaru, I think it's awsome!