Monday, December 13, 2010

Swatch Overload - Moi Minerals, Heavenly Naturals, GDE ♥

 Afternoon Ladies!! 

I have lots of swatches to share with you and a "little" rant! 

 First up my Moi Minerals Swatches/Rant

Story/Rant: I ordered the sample size haunted house collection - since I wanted to try something from Moi Minerals and the black and green looked awesome!! :-D I recently got my order on friday and i ripped open the envelope to find that I had doubles of the orange color - this upset me a bit, as I don't think its too hard to put all of the right colors in! Its only a four pack, after all. Whatever, no biggie - I messaged her on Etsy and let her know and this was her e-mail: 

Oh No, I'm so sorry.
How about I give you a discount off your next order, or a full size jar with your next order?
I am so sorry this happened.
All the best

I'm not sure if i am going to make another order the only thing I really wanted was her to send me the other color! :-P Anyways, if anyone has anything good to say about Moi Minerals or something they really encourage me to try and give them another chance, I guess I will, but if you don't then I won't. 

Here are the swatches! :-)

Here is my little package! With a thank you note and the colors including the two orange - they look pretty lame in the baggies but i LOVE The colors

1) Black Cat 2) Headless Horseman 3) Goblin
I love the gold shimmer in black cat its so pretty!! :-)

Would I repurchase again? No probably not, unless you guys encourage me too :-P

Second - My Heavenly Naturals Swatches:

Ill just jump right into this one! I love the colors and everything!! :-) 


- Gorgeous, Stunning, Colors
- Good Price @ 4.99 for a full size jar
- Sent three extra sample baggies (I felt like she read my mind in which colors I LOVE)
- They are super pigmented! :-D
- Invoice in the mailer envelope, with a cute handwritten thank you and a how-to use page
- Also, came in an adorable little baggie! :-)


- The Jars had sifters in them, that had an sticker to cover the sifter holes yet, when I opened up daddy's girl a big purple mess spilt everywhere - not too big of a deal, maybe they should just give a rim wipe after packaging
- I had to wait a while for shipping on this! 

 Top Swatched Dry over Primer, Bottom Swatched wet over Primer - L to R - (samples) Giggles, Flirt, Cutie Pie, (full sized) Cupcake, and Daddy's Girl, very bottom diamond lipgloss sample - Artificial Light

 Top Swatched Dry over Primer, Bottom Swatched wet over Primer - L to R - (samples) Giggles, Flirt, Cutie Pie, (full sized) Cupcake, and Daddy's Girl - Very Bottom Diamond lip gloss sample - Natural Light

Would I repurchase again? Yes! :-D

Third - My GDE Cyber Monday Sample Baggies ♥

Everyone knows I love Glamour Doll Eyes - I ordered the cyber monday sample baggie sale! 6 baggies for $6.00, plus a full sized jar of Prom dress.

 Swatched Dry L to R - Prom Dress, Jerrica, Denver, Las Vegas, Shimmer, Rag Doll, Dream House

 Swatched wet L to R - Prom Dress, Jerrica, Denver, Las Vegas, Shimmer, Rag Doll, Dream House. 

 My favorite colors were Prom Dress, Jerrica, and Rag Doll  - I really wanted Denver but it kind of disappointed me! Oh well, they are still great ♥

Would I repurchase again? yes of course!

Thats the end of my swatches - maybe more tomorrow!! :-D

Do you have anything that you would recommend me trying from Moi Minerals to change my mind?

Comment.Follow.Love. ♥


  1. Wow! Look at you go! That sucks about the order from Moi Minerals. I have never ordered from them, so I don't know what to tell you :( The colors from Heavenly Naturals look awesome! I'm not sure if I'm familiar with this company...may have to go check them out! And the GDE colors look awesome!

  2. Thanks Peach ♥ I loved the colors from heavenly naturals - they have an etsy shop and also a website! i forgot to post it :-S oopss!!

  3. I personally really like Moi Minerals. I have "Galaxy" (AMAZING) and "Hot as Hell." Took for-freakin'-ever for them to get to me though, because I'm on the US east coast. Your swatches look great, I'm loving "Goblin!"

  4. Thanks for the swatches - they are all so colorful and cute! Prom Dress & Dream House are my fave!

  5. Thanks for the swatches - very helpful!

  6. nice eyshadows hun,great swatches,u always pick lovely beautiful pigmented eyeshadows,love them all

  7. From Moi Minerals - I love the Goblin! It's really pretty!

    From HN - I love ALL the colors. I've been wanting to order but just haven't....booo! Next paycheck!

    From GDE - I totally fell in love with Rag Doll and Prom Dress! I'm going to get these two!

    Awesome review Alicia!! =)

  8. thanks girls!! I was quite pleased with all of the colors I had bought too! :-)

  9. The colors from Moi look so pretty, but I don't think I'd order from them again. Just seems... odd to me. =/ The Silk Naturals stuff is really pretty, but the GDE seems kinda boring to me compared to how awesome their descriptions sound. :o