Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hi-FI Cosmetics Haul! (swatches :-D)

Hey girls, 

Yesterday  i received my first hi-hi cosmetics package - it took a long time to get hear so I was excited! :) I ordered it  Dec.1 2010 and just got it! Yikes! Anyways onto my haul.

I ordered the hi-fi shadow fix, hi-fi magical places lip glaze, and the living dead girl loose shadow, and I also received four freebies! :) I got got the life lip glaze, rich & famous gel bronzer and two shadow samples - Spookshow, and Storm of Thorns. I love everything I got and I am not disappointed in anything! :)

 It hasn't been very sunny lately - but here are my swatches ^

Top Row swatched dry - Spookshow, Storm of Thorns, Living Dead Girl.
Middle Row swatched over hi-fi shadow fix - Spookshow, Storm of thorns, living dead girl
Bottom Row - Rich & Famous Gel Bronzer blended, Got the Life Lip Glaze, Magical Place Lip Glaze

Thanks for looking ♥

EDIT: I totally forgot the website - it is

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  1. I love Living Dead Girl! I wish I had to cash to splash out on some of the lip products, I got sent a sample of Sad Love with an order and it was beautiful!

  2. love !!!!!

  3. Great swatches, I am loving the looks of that lip glaze! <3

  4. they look very pigmented and strong in colour which i LOVE! pretty:) x

  5. Those colors are pretty! I love the tealish one =) whats the link so i can check out there website! =)XOXO

  6. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a fox tail if you'd like to check it out. xx

  7. Don't you just love Hi Fi?
    So... I gave you a blog award! Thanks for being so awesome!

  8. Thanks girls!!

    I completely forgot to post the website - so sorry! I will go back and edit the post ♥

  9. Storm of thorns looks like an interesting picture, and is Magical Place new? I can't remember seeing it in the shop last time I looked !

  10. Im not sure if its new or not, its my first order but I love it :)