Monday, January 10, 2011

NOTD 8/365 ♥ Zoya Verushka & NOTD 9/365 ♥ Wet n Wild Disturbia

Hey girls,

Im so sorry i need to catch up on NOTD's so this will be a collective post - of days 8 & 9 - and I will post todays in a while, when I actually do my nails!! ♥

First up day 8 - I used Zoya Verushka - which is one of my first Zoya polishes - I love it!! its a matte velvet color and it screams Christmas in a bottle, but I added Seche Vite top coat, and the shimmer  comes alive! I love this color, Okay i admit it, it belongs in the holiday nail box - but I can't help it - its so pretty ♥

So pretty right?? :)

The next polish I have to show you is Wet N Wild Disturbia - its a gorgeous purple! I adore it, the only problem is you need to LOAD up your brush or you get streaky application, but if you load it up it takes foreverrrrr to dry. Ohh well, I still adore the color! :)Its also pretty stinky, which is a major turn off for me!! Anywhoo, here it is ♥ Sorry for the sloppy application - yes I actually went out like this - my hubby kept rushing me!! Urrgghh!

Thanks for looking!!

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  1. Both are such gorgeous colours. I haven't tried nail polish from either of these brands.