Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Bun:: HOTD - Inspiration from meek~n~mind ♥ (pic heavy)

This morning, I saw a blog post by meek~n~mild (click her name to see her post)She did a fabulous bun! I have way shorter hair but I still wanted to try and recreate it. - luckily she posted a youtube tutorial! I couldn't get it as high, but I tried soo here is my version:

Please give me your opinion before I step out into the world like this! I promise I can take constructive criticism  :) 


P.S. Don't forget to check out meek~n~mild's page ♥

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  1. i feel like a little smoothing cream applied to your ends before putting it up would make it more manageable. also, a spritz of hairspray on the back will help all our pins and clips stay in place better!

  2. thanks so much! ♥ I don't own a smoothing cream, but maybe i should try one! I did use some hairspray I will go add more lol!

  3. the best smoothing cream i've used is frederik fekkai - here's a link so you can see what it looks like:

    i like to dry my hair halfway, then put it on and finish drying. it's also really great to use before using a flat iron!

  4. Hey you're looking nice!!!
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  5. I really like it - very cute and elegant! :) Looking good!

  6. It looks super cute! The fact that you have short hair adds to the wispiness of it and makes it look that much cuter! Throw on some oversized hoop earings and a darling scarf and you'll rock it! :)

  7. P.S I love your glasses too! :) As much as i complain about wearing mine I love yours!

  8. thanks for the tips!!! :) I don't have my ears pierced but its something that I want to do soon lol! and thanks, I hate my glasses! I hate them with a passion - I feel like my face is hiding behind them, I don't know why I haven't gotten contacts yet - I should get in there soon :P