Thursday, January 6, 2011

Small Haul ♥ & EOTD ♥

Hey Gals! ♥

I have a small haul for you today :) I know I'm probably the last person in the world to own this perfume but my hubby finally bought me the Ed Hardy Perfume Set I have loved this scent since it first came out, but honestly I find it hard to shell out that kind of money lol! Anyways my hubby bought me a set as a treat since we got our GST/HST credit - $300.00 extra smackaroo's! whoo! :) Soo here it is!! ♥ I LOVEEE IT

So pretty, my daughter at (almost) three years old stole my lotion right away. She loves hand lotions, Im not sure why. :P She constantly is reapplying hand lotion!

I also bought myself (nothing special) the Olay Classic Moisturizer I love it I used it like four times yesterday and my forehead is not dry and gross like it is everyday. Its a miracle.

Also, I kind of made a mini lipstick holder - not really I just took the container from a liquore chocolate set we got as a gift from my aunt. ( my hubby bites the tops off and sucks the liquor out of throws the whole thing in his coffee and stir it until it melts. I think they're gross. period.)
These are some of my lipsticks, not all - but I was just checking it out! :)It works alright except the holes are too big for glosses and I had to force the square ones in!

 Onto my EOTD ♥

 I used, GDE Family Secret as my highlight, Heavenly Naturals Admire on my lid, and Concrete Minerals Smut in my crease, and slightly above my crease. Yes I am going to get my brows done today :) Photoready foundation, 24/7 Concealer, Hard Candy Blush in Living Doll and  some Rimmel Lipgloss
Here are the swatches:

(GDE Family Secret, Heavenly Naturals Admire, Concrete Minerals Smut
Hard Candy Living Doll, Rimmel Gloss)

Thanks for looking - Sorry for all the babbling :P
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