Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Official Post continued... =]

3. Zoya Dovima Matte velvet Fall collection

This is one of my favorite colors that I picked up in November out of the eight colors that I had bought It would, be my # 2 out of the 8 that i picked up! Its a shimmery matte (I know, right!) The charcoal black is the perfect color, its not overwhelming but very noticeable, and the silver glitter is a perfect match for this beautiful matte color. It is quick drying but it doesn't dry completely smooth because of the glitter which didn't bother me but if it bothers you, just apply a matte topcoat - problem solved. I recommend this to anyone, you will not be disappointed!!

4.  Essie Sew Psyched Fall 2010 Collection

I expected more out of this color as well, Im very undecided about it. It is a hard color to explain, its a almost khaki, sage green grey color. It has a perfect smooth finish, and is very pigmented, you would only need two coats for this color, which surprised me because Essie colors are usually very sheer, I was hoping it'd be a closer dupe to Chanels Khaki Vert but it wasn't Khaki Vert was much more yellow.

5. Essie Wicked

This is a good fall color, one coat is too sheer for me, but two coats is perfect a very sinister, black cherry red. On short nails it is the perfect fall/winter hue - vampy but elegant not trashy. Its hard to get the right amount on the brush, i either get too much or not enough, and it has a jelly finish. I personally find that it also goes on a bit streaky, and it smudges a bit, not as much as alot of people say. (sorry about the picture, not sure why my camera was being so weird)

6. Rimmel 60 seconds #805 Grey Matter

This is my #1 of all the colors I picked up this October . It is very wearable and perfect for any outfit. Its just perfect, I don't need to explain it, its perfect =P Dries with a shiny, not shimmery finish. I bought a back up of this polish because I just love it so much. it dries quickly, and i love the brush size its perfect. It is also a noticeable but not overwhelming or trashy color! =]

Thanks for looking at my blog and stay tuned for more! I hope this was helpful to some of you! =]  At the end of the day, I think i picked up some awesome colors, but I usually look for swatches and reviews on any color I buy =] My first official post is now coming to an end *sigh*

Thanks for listening!

Alicia <3


  1. i love essie nail polishes :)

    xoxo Christine

  2. me too! OPI and Essie have to be my top two so far!!